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Alright, well i got a few positive responses to me coming back. I'm gonna try it for a little. Like i said, more journal-ish. I'll also try to keep the posts short, since in the past they used to be a little long winded...sorry :$

So basically I've been on break from school for the last 3 and a half weeks and still have another week and a half of break left. Technically I'm done with school, at least the classes. I just have to student teach, which is basically an unpaid internship at two schools. The first is a small school district that has K-12th grade in one building. The other is a huge school district that is the most diverse in our area, I hope I don't get shot :p That starts on the 24th, but tomorrow I'm going to meet my first host teacher (who I work under) and then on thursday I'm meeting the other. I'm kinda excited.

I also got offered a couple of jobs for next fall coaching. One is the same job I had a couple years ago. The other is a promotion, coaching the next level up (9th and 10th grade). Unfortunately I need a teaching job, which my old high school wont provide. If I cant find a job though I will most likely substitute and coach. Who knows.

Other than that I've gotten better in dealing with my ex. I finally came out and told him how I felt, about how I always made all the efforts to see him and hang out with him. I also said I didnt like how I always had to call him, or text him first. It may be a little immature to feel that way, but I like to know I mean something, and that the person wants to talk and hang out with me too. He didn't really say anything but since then he's been texting me a lot and trying to make efforts to hang out. So far it hasn't worked out tho. Not sure I want it to...

Alright thats it, thanks for reading :)

Making a comeback?

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I'm really contemplating whether or not I should start posting again. I'd kinda like to, but more as a journal of what I'm doing and the things that are going on.

Before you jump on me for leaving and coming back again, i never really left I don't think, just got too busy to post.

I just looked back at my first blog and it's kinda fun to read and know where I am now in life and look back at how foolish I was to think the things I did.

So i'll figure it out, and decide in the next couple of days. Meh, who knows.

I'm not even sure anyone follows this still :/