long time no post....

Posted by Drew | Posted on 3:33 AM

so I figure most of you arent following me anymore, and if you are...well i'm sorry i havent posted anything interesting in a while, or anything at all for that matter :p

So since its gonna be the new year, why not move on to the new me?

I still have twitter...which i have private but all you have to do is request to follow and as long as you seem human i'll most likely approve.

And i'm now gonna try tumblr. It seems interesting, and fun, and well.. a lot of people i know are doing it so i want to jump on board before its uncool. btw, i'll also be getting a myspace and an AOL instant messenger screen name, because i hear those are the amazing new technology and the future :)

but seriously...i got a tumblr. and you can find it here.

I'll post more there.

Hope you all are well, happy new year everyone :)

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Eww myspace. o.O

Happy new year. <3