Making a comeback?

Posted by Drew | Posted on 10:19 PM

I'm really contemplating whether or not I should start posting again. I'd kinda like to, but more as a journal of what I'm doing and the things that are going on.

Before you jump on me for leaving and coming back again, i never really left I don't think, just got too busy to post.

I just looked back at my first blog and it's kinda fun to read and know where I am now in life and look back at how foolish I was to think the things I did.

So i'll figure it out, and decide in the next couple of days. Meh, who knows.

I'm not even sure anyone follows this still :/

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If you post it, people will read.

Some of your followers may not be looking at blogger as much as they used to or even be gone altogether. And some of us will see your posts on their dashboards very promptly.

I follow :-)

You won't have any problems with readers.

I still follow! Okay, so it doesn't say I'm following on the sidebar there, but I am (just anonymously). Up to you, but I think you should blog again (especially if you have something to blog about). :-P