Need a Second to Breathe, Just Keep Coming Around

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Sorry, I havent really gotten much of a chance to post much. First, like i mentioned before, I've been away where I didnt really have a reliable internet connection. All I had was my phone and its Edge internet as I dont have 3g where I was (or at home...or at uni...stupid at&t service).

Second, I'm now working quite a bit. This week I'm working 6 days so it's kept me busy...and out of most trouble :p

But I just wanted to post to say I'm doing alright. I don't want this blog to become one of those where the person only posts once a month or whatever. I used to be able to find time to post once a day in the past, but I think my life has become a little more busy (busy is a better word in this case than exciting lol)

I do have a couple of post ideas coming up. I want to do my other soccer/football post as I think it tells a lot about me (I think), and I also have a post saved in word that I want to post. I actually wrote it when I wasnt blogging... I kinda figured I'd come back and blog again, and I like the story it tells :)

But that gets me to the real point of this post. What do you want me to blog about? Give me a subject or something about me you want to know. I'm open to anything. I know kinda sad that I'm only a few posts in and needing something to write about. I'm sure I could find something but this seems more interesting haha.

Alright, hope everyone is well out there :)

P.S. in case you havent noticed or figured out, all my post titles have been lyrics from songs. You can google them I'm sure to figure out which, but bonus points if you can name them without googling :)

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I'd like to know more about your job as a chef. What kind of stuff you make and how you make it. I thought it was funny when you posted the other day that you had made a lot of ?patties? It's something that most of us don't know anything about. And in my opinion the job of a chef is very exciting.

Thank you in advance

Love, Nic :o)

Hmm, I didn't know that your blog titles were all lyrics from songs. That's pretty cool. :-P

I hate writing down a blog post on Word and then transferring it to Blogger, it never quite formats right and I have to tweak it. Bleh.

My question to you would be . . . Where do you (or where would you like to) see yourself in 10 years?

Maybe something about small things, noises you hate, things you want to change about yourself, what do you first think in the morning, favorite smells, how confident you feel usually, your greatest desire, well, not so small things.