Only the End of the Red, Will Show You My Blue Side

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This wont be a long post, just wanted to say that I'm happy and doing alright right now. Which is nice for a change. I don't really know what it is, I can't put my finger on any one thing particularly, but I thinks it more just the fact that a bunch of things are looking up or are going better.

Life isn't perfect, but I don't expect it to be. I mean my love life still sucks, but it's not really bothering me right now and instead of worrying about it I'd rather focus on other things.

I don't really have anything else to say today, so here is a bunch of random stuff:

- I changed the way comments are done on here since a few people couldn't post comments, sorry about that. I do really enjoy the comments from people though :)

- I won't be around much this next week. I'm going to my cottage, which isn't that far and I could come home and get online, but I kinda want to relax down there and spend more time reading (I just got a bunch of new books this past week).

- I also want to work on getting back into my daily routine of working out this week and I feel like I spend too much time on a computer anyway so this break will probably be good.

- I've still been able to see at least part of every single world cup match on tv :)

- I'm getting the iphone 4. Most likely wont get it this week unless I decide to go and get it the day it comes out. I'm thinking of waiting a couple weeks and getting the larger memory one because my ipod just died this week (what timing) and instead of buying an ipod and the iphone i'll just get one. But I need to work more and save a little more money before I can buy it.

Thats about it. Hope everyone else is doing well and check out my twitter if you want. I tend to update that a lot more often than this :)

I've been given my brush and plate
But where will i paint my life
And will the buyer in the sky
Believe in what i dream
And it's so hard for me to explain
What i will miss
To myself

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:o) 1 word for you: HUG

Enjoy the down time and books...

Some down time away from computers can be really awesome. I think sometimes we get too dependent and stay too long online and having some time away from that can really open up your day. And you have plenty of time to do way way more stuff, like exercising for example :) Have fun on your week away from the cyber world :)


What books are you reading? Still mostly soccer ones?

Such lives, thanks for sharing, glad I can make comments now. x